Building a Makeup Collection | For Beginners

Hello, chickpeas! Happy Saturday! Today’s post is inspired by my memories of when I first started wearing makeup and experimenting with different looks and products. I know this is something that can be hugely overwhelming for people who are just starting out because of the massive amount of brands and products and opinions that are … More Building a Makeup Collection | For Beginners

MORE Secret Weapons

Hello, chickpeas! I recently wrote a post about my secret weapons or holy grail products that I love and can’t/won’t stop using. Little did you know…that was only part one of my beauty secrets. Since you guys/gals enjoyed my previous post, I’ve decided to share the rest of my secret weapons with you today. So, … More MORE Secret Weapons

Sweater Weather

Hello, chickpeas! Today I bring to you the Sweater Weather Tag. It has been around on YouTube for a few years, but for those of you who aren’t aware of what the Sweater Weather Tag is, let me explain: it’s a list of questions which ask about fall-themed favourites/preferences. I was not “tagged” by anyone … More Sweater Weather

Budgeting | How-To

Hello, hello chickpeas! Today I want to talk to you about budgeting womp, womp, womp. While the subject sounds boring as all hell, the truth is… everyone trying to adult needs to know how to budget their money. It’s not easy to start budgeting, especially if you’re used to splurging or not really thinking about … More Budgeting | How-To