Sushi, Champagne, & Deep Thoughts

If there was ever one kind of cuisine that suddenly vanished from the face of the earth and I would miss terribly, it would be Japanese. I could eat Japanese food every. single. day. So, today I ordered sushi for dinner. I have a small bottle of champagne, which I received as a gift during my wedding venue tour, so I thought to myself: why not have a glass of bubbly? I am not celebrating anything special…buuut it is Friday, after all, and a long weekend. Also, sushi and champagne are kind of the perfect pair! To add some ambiance to this lovely dinner, I am listening to my favorite jazz playlist.

Sometimes not talking is really nice. Silence shouldn’t be seen in a negative light, silence can actually be a beautiful experience. I am a thinker, and sometimes I like to be silent and take-in a moment or to let my mind wander. I don’t mean to say that brooding is healthy, not at all, but enjoying a moment of silence to think or let your mind rest and soak in an experience can be very nice. I know a lot of people these days are constantly “on” with either social media, work, or whatever else keeps your phone and/or computer buzzing. Which is why I like silence, I guess. Dinner tonight is about some “off” time…I am thinking about how delicious this sushi tastes, how festive the little champagne bubbles look in the glass, and how lucky I am to be in a situation where I am able to enjoy all of these things. If tonight had a theme, it would be gratitude and personal growth.

I think in today’s day and age we are programmed to be a bit greedy and take things for granted – especially ourselves. Our minds are constantly stimulated by images of things we desire – perfect bodies (let’s just ignore the fact that they are all modified via surgery or Photoshop…or both), expensive clothing, anti-aging skincare, luxurious homes, etc. If I tried to count the number of times I felt lesser-than or compelled to be like some of the people I see, I’d need some more fingers. That being said, I recently began a silent journey of self-appreciation and self-growth. What I mean by silent is that I am not following a regiment or a plan, nor am I doing this so that I can talk about it. I am just doing this silently, internally, for myself; simply so that I can feel good. That being said, if you do want me to talk about my process of personal change and growth, let me know in the comments and I will gladly share my advice. I was always an over-thinker and dwelled on so many things – some of which were completely irrational. I’d focus on the negatives or what could go wrong, instead of focusing on what is good and what could go well. Everyone has bad days where your mood is iffy and you feel kind of “bleh”, but I would feel “bleh” more than I would feel good. All of this negative mental space came from my past or from not allowing myself to be happy. And, you might not believe this, but I just woke up one day a few weeks ago and decided that I want to be happy and I want to enjoy my life and I just started to shift my mindset to be positive instead of negative. I’m not a wizard and I still have down days but, overall, I am in a much more balanced state of mind on a daily basis. I’ve de-cluttered my physical space by doing some much needed spring cleaning, and I also managed to de-clutter my mind. I’m pretty proud of that, though my space and myself are still a work in progress.

I think it’s really important to remember that your parents (or guardians) worked hard to provide you with the best they could so that you get a good life. You may not realize it, but you’ve got a lot going for you and you are lucky to be here. Yes, sure, the world’s a mess, too many women are getting plastic surgery to look like dolls, America has an incredibly iffy president, and the coral reefs are dying…but it’s still a beautiful life. The bravest thing you can do is be proud enough to be yourself and not try to be like anyone else out there. There isn’t a single soul on this planet who can be you, and it would be a shame if the one person who can didn’t take the opportunity. So, keep smiling, practice gratitude, look on the bright side, and remember that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.

I’m going to go finish this sushi and champagne. Wishing all of my wonderful readers out there a great weekend! Go eat some good food and practice the art of not giving a rat’s hairy little butt.






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