Gift Ideas For A Minimalist/From A Minimalist

Hello, everyone! When a special occasion comes up – like someone’s birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. we want express to our loved ones that we care. But how does one give a gift without buying “things”? As a new minimalist, I am increasingly aware of giving people either what they’ve wanted for a while, or something unique but that they won’t think of getting for themselves. That doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t buy things, but giving a gift that isn’t mundane or expected is a unique way to show you care.

These are some gift ideas which are very thoughtful and not really “things”. If you are a minimalist or are giving a gift to a minimalist, I think you’ll appreciate these options.

Bake or cook something tasty. Food is a fantastic gift, especially if you are well acquainted with the person’s taste. It doesn’t have to be your regular old recipes. Some things I think make great gift ideas: chocolate truffles, a custom tea blend, a jam packaged in a mason jar. You can also look into sugar-free, vegan, or gluten-free treats for those friends and family with dietary preferences.

Gift an experience. Give the person or people the gift of a unique experience. Memories are treasures that we don’t have to store anywhere except our minds and hearts. Giving someone an experience that they won’t forget (or not for a long time) makes for a lovely gift. Some ideas off the top of my head: a dinner cruise, a concert, a season pass to something they love, a membership to a museum, a gift card to a spa for a package deal, a pottery/yoga class, set of movie tickets, or a wine tasting experience.

Digital photo album. A great way to gift someone a collection of fond memories. Because it’s a digital photo album, you’re not giving them something that is going to take up any space and it’s also easy to share or transport.

Subscription to something they enjoy. If you know your friend or family member likes to buy things on Amazon, buy them a subscription to Amazon Prime for a year. Or if they like a specific magazine, you can buy them a year subscription to that. There are even subscriptions to food boxes that are great for people who aren’t interested in acquiring “things”. You can find really interesting & unique subscriptions to fit the lifestyle and desires of your loved ones, and because it’s a subscription it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Crafts. If you’re skilled in painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, pottery…anything crafty, this can be a phenomenal keepsake gift that’s not really a “thing” as it can be practical and useful, and it can be tailored to the person specifically.

Recipe collection book. Make your own handwritten recipe collection book for a close friend or family member who likes to cook or bake. This gift is simple, yet so touching and unexpected that it makes for a really good surprise. I still love flipping through my grandma’s recipes and seeing her handwriting.

So, here we are! Those are my ideas for gifts that are different than the usual things you can pick up in any store. These gifts combine thoughtfulness and love into some creative options for those you care about. Hope these ideas were helpful and/or inspirational!






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