Scrumptious Free Recipes

Hi all! Hope the weekend was great for you. In today’s post, I’d like to share some food blogs with you. Cooking and food are passions of mine. I love collecting recipes, looking through and reading cookbooks, watching Food Network and Netflix shows about food, and also enjoy watching YouTube videos centred around food. But most of all, I love cooking! And because I have this passion for food, I have been in the processes of collecting recipes for my new diet that will be assembled into a handwritten recipe journal. Some recipes are tried and true, others are new findings from all over the internet. I’ve decided to create this old-fashioned recipe journal for myself, where I will keep all of the pescetarian-friendly recipes.

The reason I’ve decided to do this is that I love to look back at my grandmother’s handwriting in her recipe book, and my mom has her own book on the go as well. So, I decided that I’d like to have a tangible collection of my own – continue the chain, so to speak. Plus, there are so many wonderful recipes online, it’ll be great to keep them all in one place. I think this is a good way to collect food ideas and inspiration without going out and buying cookbooks. That said, this project isn’t a small one and it will take me several months to finish, but it will be very fulfilling.

Anyway, as I was scouting the web for recipes, I came across some really amazing blogs that host a plethora of free, delicious, vegan/vegetarian recipes. Here are my favorites:

  1. Love and Lemons. I mentioned this website in a previous post of mine, and the authors of the website also a have a stunning cookbook. However, this lovely blog is sufficient.
  2. My New Roots. Awesome blog with a huge recipe index that is sure to please a large variety of palates.
  3. Thug Kitchen. These guys make the tastiest recipes. Tons of soul-satisfying food that is 100% vegan. Their cookbook is great, too.
  4. The Minimalist Baker. Cool recipes that taste delicious. Awesome vibe. The majority of their recipes are plant-based and gluten-free.
  5. The First Mess. A massive collection of yummy recipes for all possible moods of the day and the blog features some incredible food photography!
  6. Sprouted Kitchen. So many glorious recipes! All around just a solid vegetarian food blog with recipes that work out.

I hope I’ve spiked your curiosity to check out these impressive and delicious food blogs. Have a lovely Monday!




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