Diet Update + My Current Favorite Book

Hey, everyone! I am hoping you are all having a good weekend so far. I decided to give you guys an update on my new diet and also talk about a book I’ve been really enjoying lately. I’ll first talk about my diet and then give you a quick blurb about the book!

So, my diet – pescetarianism – has been going very well. I am still new to this lifestyle, and obviously am still learning a lot as I go. However, I have been researching and educating myself on nutrition. I gotta say, I am not ready nor willing to go fully vegan, I doubt I ever will adopt a fully vegan lifestyle, but I commend people who do! I stay vegetarian on a daily basis, but I do occasionally eat seafood (especially if I go out). I call myself a pescetarian because I no longer eat land animals at all (not even birds), but I do eat fish and scallops and shrimp/prawns; that said, I am trying to keep my diet 80% vegetarian with 20% seafood. And, I am trying to incorporate some vegan meals into my diet, too.

What’s really odd is that I don’t miss eating meat at all (except maybe bacon and fried chicken). I honestly expected giving up meat to be much more difficult than it has been because my family and almost everyone else I grew up knowing are meat and potatoes people. So, while I didn’t particularly like meat growing up, I did become accustomed to eating it. Now, I am totally fine without consuming meat – I actually feel great. What has been hard is learning how to come up with a variety of recipes. For some reason, it has been difficult to come up with recipes on my own, so I’ve resorted to a lot of online vegan/vegetarian blogs as well as YouTube for inspiration. Which, let me tell you, have been amazing! I am now learning a lot more about cooking for a vegetarian/vegan diet, as well as nutrition and health.

Random Fun Fact: I have always adored all animals, however, after stopping the consumption of meat and poultry and trying to limit my dairy intake as well, I have become increasingly aware of the local egg farmers who are ethical and humane. I try my very best to only buy eggs from the farms where I can see how the chickens live, what they eat, how they are kept etc. Unless I am in a pinch, I get my eggs from one of two small farms which have shown me their standards. I think my diet has kind of opened my eyes up to a new world of food, it’s pretty exciting.

Now, as for the book, I have been reading the book titled How Not To Die by Michael Greger and Gene Stone. Michael Greger is a medical doctor who is an internationally recognized physician, lecturer, and the founder of Go check out his site if you’re curious – it’s a not-for-profit site :). I am not sponsored to talk about this book, but heck, I wish I was! I do love it.

In the book, Dr. Greger tells us what to eat to help prevent and reverse disease. Dr. Greger also includes what he calls the “Daily Dozen”, which is a checklist of the 12 foods we should be including in our diet on a daily basis. What I really like about this book is that it’s written in a way that’s easy to understand for people who aren’t familiar with the subject-matter, but also full of enough information and medical/scientific facts that health and nutrition gurus will be satisfied. Dr. Greger may come off a tad radical in the beginning of the book, but it does all come together to provide rich knowledge. So many fads come and go, and there have been many scientific studies taken out of context and used to advocate some kind of extreme eating ideologies. What makes this book different from the rest is that both the science and nutrition actually come together to make a great self-educational tool. This book isn’t at all like other books on nutrition written by random people who claim to hold “the secret” to all our problems. Instead, this book is not only written by an accredited physician, it is also not preachy and totally based on facts. The book is essentially written with the purpose of empowering people to take better care of themselves and take control of their health. It has been a really big eye-opener. I highly recommend everyone reads this book.

Also, I have discovered that Dr. Greger recently published the How Not To Die Cookbook. Definitely interested in acquiring it!

So that wraps up today’s update on my new diet and my current favorite read, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you again shortly.

Thanks for stopping by!



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