First Apartment|New life, who ‘dis?

Hi all! Life happens…apologies for the long break in writing. My life has been non-stop the past while. I hope you’re all well! I am just in the middle of final exam season and a moving fiasco. Let’s not get into the fiasco, instead let us focus on what has come out of it: an incredible apartment which I am so, so grateful for! I am over-the-moon with excitement, guys!  My husband and I are finally moving into our place! And I am so thankful for my lovely bunch of readers who I can share this happiness with. The move-in date is May 1st and I can’t wait.

I do not wish to brag but, in order to bring you guys a little more into my life, I will be sharing photos of the apartment once I get the keys. Also, let me know in the comments if any of you have some “first place” words of wisdom for me!

I decided that with this move comes a new life. More on the “new life” part is coming in my next post. I will say, though, that one of the changes I am making is that I will be uploading on a set schedule every Monday starting in May after we move in.

Until next time,

XO Lana

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