Hungry on a Budget

Hello, my beautiful chickpeas!

I am a very hungry person. I definitely relate to the Hobbit way of life: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner, & Supper. To be fair, each of my meals is small-medium. Unfortunately, I can’t always stick to my Hobbit-esque eating schedule due to adulting *deep sigh*. That said, when I am at home all day or most of the day, I eat pretty frequently. In order to keep me satiated, I like to keep my pantry and fridge stocked with goodies. However, being hungry on a budget is not always easy, so I have discovered some frugal places to shop at, and I have also started meal planning. I’ve decided to share what I like to always have on hand in my fridge/pantry as well as some places to shop in Vancouver. I will also share the apps I use on my phone that help me save money when I go buy things!

Grocery shopping:

  1. The Real Canadian Superstore
  2. WalMart
  3. Sunrise Market
  4. T&T Supermarket
  5. H Mart
  6. No Frills
  7. Vancouver Farmer’s Market
  8. Costco

What I like to have on hand:

  • Chicken breast/thighs
  • Frozen white fish
  • Potatoes (sweet and russet)
  • Selection of snackable veggies (grape tomato, carrots, celery, red bell pepper, cauliflower etc.)
  • Selection of versatile fruits (pineapple, apples, oranges, strawberries, mango, bananas, etc.)
  • Aromatics (ginger, garlic, onion, green onion)
  • Eggs
  • Milk (full fat, organic)
  • Yogurt
  • Sour cream
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Cheese (goat and cheddar/Havarti)
  • Sauces: soy sauce, rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, hoisin sauce, balsamic vinegar, hot sauce, fish sauce
  • Condiments: Dijon mustard, peanut butter, Nutella, jam
  • Pickels
  • Banana peppers (marinated/pickled)
  • Frozen corn
  • Lemons and limes
  • Juice (coconut water, OJ)
  • Tea
  • Soft corn or flour tortillas
  • Vermicelli rice noodles
  • Canned beans (selection of types)
  • Crushed canned tomatoes and stewed tomatoes
  • Fresh cilantro, parsley, mint
  • Chicken broth cubes
  • Spices (paprika, cumin, turmeric, garlic powder, seasoning salt, chili powder)
  • Honey
  • Flour
  • Sugar (for baking)
  • Buns (white bread)
  • Sourdough bread


Just to clarify, the items listed above are not the only things I have in my fridge and pantry; and I don’t always keep those exact items stocked. These are just the typical things I generally have on hand.

Money-saving Apps:

  1. Reebee
  2. Cardstar
  3. GroceryIQ
  4. Checkout51
  5. Mint
  6. Snap (by Groupon)
  7. CartSmart
  8. Flipp *edit: Flipp is removing the coupon feature as of June 30*

** Don’t overlook the flyers that you get in the mail, they often have some good savings!**

Moving on! Meal planning has been a great way to save money for me. I often find myself looking through cookbooks and online recipes, and when I find a set of recipes I want to make that week, I check my pantry/fridge and add whatever I need & don’t have into my grocery list. This way, when I go shopping, I don’t mindlessly shop for things that look good, I shop with purpose. The only time I do huge grocery shopping trips is when I need to re-stock my essentials.

With that, I wrap up today’s post! Thanks for stopping by.



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