#Dishingitout Episode 1: Food, Eating, Cooking, Sharing.

#Dishingitout (1)

Hello! Happy Monday. It’s your host Lana Richmond, and today we’re going to be talking about why I love food and cooking so damn much.

Before we begin: Do you have your mandatory Monday coffee in your hand? Good. Let’s get into it!

People often ask me why I like to cook so much or why I like food so much. Well, to be honest, I have no straight-cut answer to that question. I love tea, I love food, I love good wine, I love cooking and eating and I really love entertaining. I think part of that stems from my family, of course. My mum and dad are great cooks and have brought me up on healthy (and on occasion less healthy but still scratch-made) foods. My parents taught me to try new foods; in fact, we traveled a lot, so I had the opportunity to sample many different cuisines from a young age. Since I was 5 years old I’ve gone on numerous adventures to the Caribbean and Europe with them. I’ve also traveled Europe on my own for a couple of months several years ago – which was incredible. A bit scary, but incredible. I feel very grateful for the fact that my parents took me to travel with them, but today’s post isn’t about travel, it’s about food. Though, traveling and eating delicious local food go hand in hand. In fact, I’ve picked up an incredible amount of knowledge and skills and recipes on my trip around Europe.

So, why food? I guess I love cooking because I find it to be very peaceful and almost like meditation. When I cook, my mind is so focused on what I am doing that I don’t have any room in my head to think about anything else besides the task at hand. In today’s busy world, I think finding something like that is a blessing. I like to try new recipes, cuisines from around the world, and play around with ingredients. I think of cooking as an art form – when I cook I am the artist and the ingredients are my paint. Oftentimes, I follow recipes either by heart or on paper, but other days I love to just experiment and create totally new and unique dishes. My favorite type of shopping is grocery shopping. It feels kind of weird to admit something like that, but it is something I enjoy wholeheartedly. Discovering shops in random parts of the city that have spices, teas, and produce from different parts of the world is like a treasure hunt. Of course, I love shopping for home decor and for myself, what girl doesn’t? But there is something special about going out in search of ingredients for my next culinary adventure.

Also, I love recipe books and recipe hunting online. I have no idea why that is so fun for me, but I just think it’s fascinating to look at the beautiful photography of food and learn how to make it. Plus, creating my own recipe book is a fantastic way to relax. I have recipes from my grandparents and parents in there, I have my own random creations written down, and I also have recipes I’ve found and tested and love. Some of the recipes in there I have no idea where I’ve seen or heard. There are people who like to journal, I like to hunt for recipes and write them into my recipe book. I like to listen to some late-night jazz, get into comfortable clothing & work on my recipe collection while sipping on some tea or a latte and just totally unwind.

Further, I believe food brings people together. From what I know, in most cultures many of the gatherings and celebrations are accompanied by food and some of these are even centered around food. It’s pretty incredible to learn the significance of certain dishes to their culture. On another note, food is healing. Think of sayings like “comfort food” or “soul food”. Food can nourish the soul and make someone happy. While the term “comfort food” exists because sometimes we crave something that makes us feel better – something from our childhood or just something that comforts us. Moreover, for centuries people all over the world have used food and herbs as healing agents. I fully endorse the notion of food as medicine. Not to say that I don’t fully appreciate modern medicine – I couldn’t imagine living without it – but eating healthy food and paying attention to what you consume (good balance) is a fantastic way to keep future issues at bay and maybe even current ones. Diet (not “dieting” but the kind of food a person eats) can have a huge impact on the overall health of a person. I’m no saint, I do really enjoy eating foods that aren’t all that healthy but on a day-to-day basis, I eat pretty well (at least I think I do).

Finally, I simply love going to local markets. Being able to buy local ingredients/products and meeting the people who represent the farm the produce comes from is so special. I think it’s so important to shop for wholesome ingredients. What’s more is that after going out and getting all the produce and cooking it, gathering friends/family around a table and enjoying a meal that I put my heart into is a fantastic way to spend an evening, in my opinion. Add some soft music and a nice bottle of vino…ahhh…that’s bliss. Who agrees?

Now, as for tea…that’s another post for another time! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s discussion about food and cooking. Come back soon!





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