New Makeup | Prime Day

Hello, hello, my chickpeas! I hope everyone is doing well. When Amazon’s prime day came around, I decided to get myself the makeup that I was waiting to get for a long time! I was sitting in class when the prime day started and as soon as I got out I was on the app combing through the deals for the products I wanted. After a full day of shopping, I got some of the most hyped products to try out. Some of the products I will mention I acquired after prime day at my local Shoppers Drugmart but since they are also new (to me), I decided to add them to the list! I am very excited about all of this stuff & I look forward to trying all of these products. I should have all of the goodies in my hands tomorrow yay! I can’t wait!


This eye palette has been hyped as the dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. After looking at the swatches online, I am very excited to try it out! The colours look like they will be perfect for both summer and fall and winter. Also, since my eyes are blue/green these colours should really work well. I know these colours won’t be as creamy and high-impact as the Urban Decay, but I am expecting great things anyway! Plus, if you use a good eyeshadow primer, the colour pay-off is much better with any palette. I got the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Spice Edition on Amazon on prime day for $9.98 and an extra 25% off! Can you say bang for your buck? Very excited.


Maybelline The Nudes palette appears to be my perfect combination of colours for every day. These are essentially the basics. This is also apparently a dupe for the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I’m not really buying it to find a dupe for the Urban Decay, but it’s interesting that some would say it is comparable. Again, I am not expecting the same pigmentation and creaminess, but I am expecting it to work beautifully with a primer on my eyelids. From the colour selection in this palette, it seems like you can create many beautiful combinations that range from light day time looks to sultry evening looks. I have heard many controversial opinions on this palette, but I figured that I would buy it and try it for myself. For $13.96, I thought it was a good deal. I am looking forward to playing around with this palette!


Another product that is apparently controversial, but it intrigued me. I love anything coconut, so this having the scent of coconut made me want to try it out much more. I love L’Oreal Voluminous Original mascara, it has always worked wonders for me. I also love the Maybelline Volume Express Colossal mascara. Now that my L’Oreal one is running low, I decided that I want to try something new and give this new product a chance. It wasn’t the best deal, but it was on sale for $8.98, so I got it anyway. Some people love it, some people hate it. I guess everyone has different needs/desires and different lashes, so we’ll see how this works for me. *Fingers crossed*


I have no idea what urged me to buy this particular bronzer, but the matte finish and colour of it reminded me of Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced. I have had the Too Faced bronzer before and have loved it, but I just can’t justify dishing out that much on a single product (at least at this point in time) when I am sure I can find something similar. I am so happy to see a matte bronzing product in drugstores that have this shade. So, we will see how it goes when I test it out, but I think it’ll be perfect for my skin tone. The price of this was $7.95 and an additional 30% off, so it was a steal.


This item isn’t quite new to me, BUT, I haven’t used this concealer for a number of years, and I wanted to buy it again. So it’s kind of new to me again because I haven’t used it in so long. I got it for $8.98, which is a good price for this particular concealer since I hardly ever see it on discount anymore. From what I remember, this concealer is truly magnificent – no creasing, lasts all day, brightens the eye area nicely, doesn’t cause milia, and doesn’t look cakey or heavy. I hope they haven’t changed the formula, because I am really excited about this one.


This isn’t really makeup, but you use it to apply makeup…so it fits right in. I’ve always wanted a good kabuki face brush, and I do like e.l.f.’s other makeup brushes, so I put it in my bag on prime day and am patiently awaiting to use it! I like that e.l.f brushes are affordable and of good quality. This kabuki was only $7.97 & I think it’ll be a great brush!


Not a prime day product. I said in my previous post that I want to try out The Ordinary foundation, and so I went out and got myself a bottle! First, this foundation is only $6.70 and a little goes a long way, from what I saw in the store when testing shades. Value and quality! I am very excited about this particular product because I know it’ll look so good!


Not a prime day product. This primer is something I’ve heard a lot about and I saw it on clearance at a local Shoppers Drugmart for $3.00! I couldn’t believe it, but I snatched it right up to test out. I hear that this makes your makeup really last and look fresh throughout the day, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up to claims. I have hope it will.


This bottle is obviously not a beauty or makeup item, but I just wanted to mention it quickly. I think drinking enough water on a daily basis is very important for many reasons, including clear skin. So, maybe this bottle is a beauty accessory after all? I got the Pogo bottle for $9.41 on prime day and I got the 18 oz (about two cups) size because I like bottles to be easy to carry and not too heavy for my backpack or purse. This bottle has such good reviews that the price of it seemed worth it for a long-lasting item. Also, I wanted something with a straw that would make it so I don’t have to tilt my bottle back to get water when I’m driving or walking or working out. At first, I wanted to get a pink one, but I got blue because it reminds of water and since that’s it’s purpose, I figured it was fitting. This is going to be a very helpful tool in keeping up with my water intake!

That brings us to the end of my little Amazon prime day haul + more. Thanks for reading, and I will definitely do a post for those interested in these beauty products after I’ve tested them out. Thanks for reading!








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