The Best Cleaning Products

Hello chickpeas! I am sorry for the long delay – I’m now finished university! Woohoo! In today’s post I wanted to share my favorite cleaning products from laundry to dish soap and beyond. I was inspired to write this post today because I have been doing some major cleaning since this morning, so I decided to share my choices for how I keep my home clean. If you’d like to see the products that make my home, clothes, and linens burst with freshness, keep reading!


Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, After The Rain. I have tried many different detergents and this one makes laundred items smell the best, gets rid of tough(er) stains, and works great for colors and whites alike. It’s a staple for me, but if you can’t find this one or would like an alternative, I also like Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean – I used the Arm & Hammer one religiously before discovering Purex.


Fleecy Liquid Fabric Softener Aroma Therapy Calm. This stuff smells outragiously delicious. The first time I ever bought this, I was walking out of the store and kept sniffing the air thinking “what smells so dang good?” and it was coming from this fabric softener in my shopping cart! It doesn’t smell like vanilla nor is it too sweet or overbearing. I can’t even describe what it smells like, to me it seems to have the slightest hint of coconut but otherwise I can’t really describe it – go smell for yourself and fall in laundry love. It does a very good job of fluffing and softening the fabrics and infusing a beautiful aroma that lasts for days and days. I always get the biggest size available, which is 4L.


Fleecy Dryer Sheets Calm. I get the 200 sheets pack. These are fantastic dryer sheets that work as they should – they reduce static, make clothes a bit softer, and add a nice touch of fragrance. I also keep a few sheets in my closets and drawers to preserve the aroma. These dryer sheets combined with the fabric softener are a killer combo. Best. Ever.


Lysol Laundry Additive. This has been a game-changer. This product not only kills nasty bacteria living in towels or gym clothes, but it also totally gets rid of musty smells, sweat, and general “bleh” smells in your laundry. I use this whenever the need arises, since it’s not something I use daily or even weekly. Though, when I do use it, it does an amazing job of sanitizing as well as refreshing your laundry. Also, this has no bleach, which is a huge bonus.


Glisten Washer Magic Machine Cleaner & Deodorizer. My washing machine was starting to get a funky smell and that smell stuck on clothing, too, which was the worst part. This is what you learn when you start adulting – you need to clean the machines that do the cleaning! So, when I was in Walmart and came accross this washing machine cleaner, I decided to give it a go. Honestly, I suggests everyone and their momma go out and get this. I used it according to the instructions and my machine smells fresh and clean again! Plus, one bottle will last a few cleaning cycles so it’s very affordable, too.



Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Dishwasher Pods. Honestly, any Cascade dishwasher pods do the job well. However, the platinum pods are by far the toughest on grease and stuck-on food. This detergent also leaves all the dishes and glasses cristal clear and sparkly clean. Plus, these pods also have an additive in them that works like a rinse aid and this cleans your dishwasher too, apparently. So that’s a nice bonus! If you want gauranteed clean dishes every time, go and get these pods.


Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Dual Action Formula. Just like the washing machine, the dishwasher needs a good cleaning every once in a while and this cleaner from Finish does the best job. It cleans any food and grease residue and deodorizes the dishewasher – clean dishwasher means clean dishes!


Dawn Platinum Power Clean Liquid Dish Soap. I love this for when you have big messes to clean up that are from cooking a large meal or plates and etc. left in the sink for too long. It completely destroyes grease and stuck on food, leaving the dishes squeaky clean with minimal effort. I use it mostly to clean pots and pans and knives that are not dishwasher safe. So amazing. Though I don’t use this every day for daily dishwashing, it’s definitely a must-have for bigger messes.


Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid Oxy Power Degreaser. This one is the best for daily use, in my opinon. The price is right and it does a great job of degreasing and cleaning even tougher jobs. I use this for times I don’t want to run the dishwasher but need to clean a few items. It’s not quite as strong as the Dawn Platinum, but it is definitely a good alternative.

palmoliveMethod All Purpose Cleaner in the Clementine scent. If you want safe, eco-friendly cleaning products then try Method. I like it even more than Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. The smell of this cleaner is super bright and happy, which is a great feeling when you’re cleaning. I also like that this all purpose cleaner can be used on every surface – wood, tile, stone, glass, and counters. So when you’re doing your daily cleaning you can count on this product being your best friend. I use the Method cleaner every day and about once a week or so I will go in with a more targeted cleaning product for certain areas of the house.


Lysol Disinfecting Surface Wipes. I use this to clean the kitchen after I’ve cooked seafood or meat or poultry. Or if someone has a flu or a cold virus, I clean the entire house with this stuff – door knobs, controllers, faucets, etc. These are great to have on hand, but definitely not my main cleaner.



Vim Bathroom Spray. It’s a solid cleaning solution that cuts through the toothpaste, cleans the sink and cleans the bathtub and shower very well. I will say the only downside to this product is the very intense chemical detergent scent it has. However, it makes cleaning a whole lot easier, so the smell is worth it when the job needs to be done.


Method Foaming Bathroom Cleaner Eucalyptus Mint. This one is amazing – it smells so nice! I like this for daily bathroom cleaning – it’s easy to use and really is a beautiful change from harsh chemicals. I wouldn’t use this to power through really rough bathroom jobs, but as a daily cleaner it works wonders. Huge bonus: it doesn’t smell like a chemistry lab. Highly recommened.


Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It works. There isn’t a whole lot to say about toilet bowl cleaners, it has a good nozzle making it easy to fit under the toilet bowl rim and get everything clean.


Method Glass & Surface Cleaner. I like that this is ammonia-free and cleans glass and mirrors with a streak-free finish. Really awesome stuff! I have a lot of shiny surfaces in my house – side tables, two big mirrors in the bathroom and a medicine cabinet with mirrors, and big windows throughout the house. So this stuff definitely gets used a lot!



Febreze Fabric Refresher Extra Strength. This stuff is a classic! I spray down my couches, curtains, couch pillows, bed throws, you name it. I like using this after I have thoroughly cleaned the house, it just adds some bonus freshness to the home. It also kills any weird ordors that might be trapped in fabric.


Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner in Lavender. This is the only Pine-Sol scent that I like and this smells devine! I only use it to clean certain places around the house, but when I use it, the entire house smells so, so clean and fresh! I love it. Plus, it disinfects. This used to be my favorite cleaner for absolutely everything, and it is still in my favorites.



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