Sweater Weather

Hello, chickpeas! Today I bring to you the Sweater Weather Tag. It has been around on YouTube for a few years, but for those of you who aren’t aware of what the Sweater Weather Tag is, let me explain: it’s a list of questions which ask about fall-themed favourites/preferences. I was not “tagged” by anyone to do this, but I would like to take part in it this year and talk about some fall-themed things. Thus, I have tagged myself! I am also going to unofficially tag all of you, my dear readers, to leave comments down below with answers to the some of the questions (or all, if you wish).

  1. Favourite fall candle scent: Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works. Close your eyes and imagine a snowy mountain. You’ve been walking for a while through the snow to your wood cabin and it is evening now, and you finally make it back. You walk in and you light a fire in the fireplace, make yourself some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and proceed to sink into the couch with a cozy blanket. That’s the best description of the scent that I can give you.
  2. Favourite fall beverage: I love tea all year round, so calling it a fall favourite specifically would be unfair. I will go with pumpkin spice white hot chocolate. The drink is just so darn tasty! I tried it once and it turned out so good – a perfect balance of sweet and spice and pumpkin goodness.
  3. Favourite/Best Fall Memory: This is a very hard one to choose, but I would say going to the nature park with my parents when I was little. My dad would make me little stick men out of twigs and acorns and I would carry them home and place them on the dinner table as a centrepiece.
  4. Favourite Fall Fragrance: Estee Lauder La Rouge Gloss. This perfume is perfect for fall because it’s a deep, bold, and very glamorous scent that is cozy and high-fashion at the same time. It’s a very difficult scent to describe, but I’m in love with it.
  5. Favourite Thanksgiving Food: Stuffing. I can’t get enough stuffing. I don’t know what it is, but stuffing with a little gravy is just the greatest part of a Thanksgiving meal.
  6. What Is Fall Weather Like Where You Live?: Rainy and grey, oftentimes chilly and windy. The air is usually crisp. We sometimes get a few days of sunshine but it’s always very cold on those days.
  7. Most Worn Sweater: I have recently given away all my old sweaters to charity and replaced those sweaters with several new ones. Thus, I cannot say which sweater is my most worn one anymore, but I can say that I anticipate one of my new ones being the most worn sweater. I will do a little sweater haul in the coming days and give this particular sweater a shout out.
  8. Favourite Fall Shoes: These booties. They are comfortable and easy to style and I can spray them to wear in the rain. They’re super.
  9. Favourite Halloween Costume Of All Time: Hmm. I haven’t celebrated Halloween in a number of years, but I once dressed up as Hermione Granger and it was just fantastic. This year, I hope to do something fun (not scary) for Halloween!
  10. Jeans or Leggings?: Leggings. Hands down the best thing for me is leggings – they can go with a lot of different styles, you can dress them up or down, and you can get warm leggings and thinner leggings. They’re just the most versatile for me.
  11. Favourite Fall TV Show/Movie: You’ve Got Mail. I have no idea why this movie has remained a must-watch every single fall, but it just never leaves my favourites list. A perfect feel-good movie for fall time. A runner-up is When Harry Met Sally – of course, another classic.
  12. Favourite Song To Get Into Fall Spirit?: Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra. A beautiful, upbeat song with the classic Frank Sinatra voice. It makes me happy and makes me think of running through the rainy streets and fallen leaves.
  13. Is Pumpkin Spice Worth The Hype?: I think it’s worth some of the hype. I love certain pumpkin spiced things like foods and drinks. However, I do not like to have pumpkin spice everything (soaps, body lotions, car fresheners, candles, body sprays etc.). So, the foods and beverages are definitely a hit with me, but the other miscellaneous pumpkin spice items are not worth the hype. It gets to be too much, in my opinion.
  14. Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch Hay Rides: Pumpkin Patch Hay Rides. It’s incredibly fun and I love getting to take home a pumpkin I picked out. It’s a fun date idea, too, since it’s not something you do any other time of year and you can really get into the fall spirit together.
  15. Favourite Fall Accessory: Scarves. I love bundling in cozy scarves. I think that scarves make me feel ultra cozy no matter where I am – my balcony, a local farmer’s market, or simply walking around town.

There you have it guys and gals! My Sweater Weather Tag is complete for this year! Let me know if you and I have anything in common when it comes to autumnal preferences.

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