10 Things I Don’t Buy | Minimalism (ish)

Hello, chickpeas! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Tomorrow is Friday, yay! Today I decided to come on here and talk about what items I no longer purchase for the purpose of saving money as well as for other reasons. I’ve been trying to live a more thoughtful and conscious way and really thinking about what I buy and why I buy it. I hope you enjoy this list and perhaps some of you out there can relate to me.

  1. Artificially fragranced items (candles, plug-ins etc.): These things aren’t good for you to breathe and they’re totally unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I was very into the whole scented candle craze for a very long time. I just simply stopped enjoying them and found the scents to be too overpowering and unpleasant. I use essential oils and a diffuser to make my home smell fresh or cozy, it’s much better for your body and environment.
  2. Cheap, heavily scented body lotions, soaps, and body spray: I used to be obsessed with Bath & Body Works. Let me tell you, I still walk in just to see what’s new, but I never purchase anything anymore. It’s all very cute and everything smells good, but it’s overpriced and not nearly as good as other body lotions/soaps. Also, a good quality perfume can last you much longer than a body spray, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it – there are very affordable perfumes out there.
  3. Knick-knacks/impulse buys: Oh things, things, things. I try to keep my space as clutter-free as possible and that’s difficult as is because of all the stuff I already own. Buying extra knick-knacks or making random impulse purchases feels fun at the time, but those items only add to the clutter and mess in a home.
  4. Cable TV: With Netflix and the internet so readily available, having cable TV is totally useless (to me). There are a few channels I miss, like the cooking channel, but I make do. Adding the extra bill to the monthly budget for such infrequent use doesn’t make sense for my lifestyle.
  5. Too much food: It’s so easy to over-spend and buy too much at a grocery store when things are on sale and your mind is bursting with recipe ideas after reading cookbooks. I generally get the things I know I will eat every single day and always replenish those, and the rest of the groceries are based on my weekly meal plans. I love to eat, thus I always pre-plan so that there is enough variety but I’m not buying the entire store.
  6. Pre-cut/pre-bagged veggies and fruits: I understand the need in certain cases for people to buy these items, but I just don’t need them. I can easily cut my own veggies, chop my own fruits, and peel my own garlic. The only exception is frozen fruit for at-home smoothies because oftentimes frozen fruit is fresher and more ripe than the fruit I find where I live.
  7. Pop: 99% of the time I never buy pop. Way too much sugar, excess caffeine, and a whole lot of other harmful and unneeded ingredients. However, on a rare occasion, which is about 1% of the time, I will buy myself a small Coke bottle or can and drink it within that day. But, I never buy pop for the house.
  8. Convenience meals/processed foods: Sure, it’s nice to just throw something into the microwave and call it a night, but I have just one body and I don’t want to pollute it with junk and chemically modified foods. I can pre-make some frozen meals and heat the portions up when I’m having a busy day. Frozen veggies don’t count!
  9. Salad dressings/marinades: The only salad dressing I purchase (on rare occasions) is good quality Caesar salad dressing. It’s just the one thing that is always best when I don’t make it myself and it runs cheaper to buy pre-made. Otherwise, I don’t buy pre-made dressings or marinades because it’s so easy and healthy to make my own.
  10. High-end makeup: Drugstores are my best friends for makeup. I have never found the need to go out and splurge on a 40-60$ eyeshadow palette when I can spend 10-20$ and get a fantastic shadow palette. Or spend 30$ on mascara when the best mascara I’ve ever used is $5.99 at Walmart from L’Oreal. You get where I’m going with this? Even if something is “expensive” at a drugstore, it goes on sale eventually and I get it then. It’s simply the best way to save money and look good at the same time.




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