MORE Secret Weapons

Hello, chickpeas!

I recently wrote a post about my secret weapons or holy grail products that I love and can’t/won’t stop using. Little did you know…that was only part one of my beauty secrets. Since you guys/gals enjoyed my previous post, I’ve decided to share the rest of my secret weapons with you today. So, welcome to the second instalment of beauty secrets. Grab your notebook and a pen, let’s get started.

Hair Care

Mane ‘n Tail Detangler: Yes, this is the stuff used on horses. Nonetheless, Mane ‘n Tail has been part of the human hair care market with their shampoos and conditioners for years, but when I found this detangler/leave-in conditioner I was pretty amazed. Why it’s my secret weapon? It works wonders as a leave-in treatment making the hair easy to manage and tangle free. Plus, it gives a healthy sheen to the hair without making it greasy or leaving residue on the hair. Honestly, this stuff is the bomb.

OGX Silk Blowout Thermal Primer Cream: This is a new discovery that snuck into my secret weapons list because it’s so dang good. Why it’s my secret weapon: protects hair up to 450F, plus it eradicates frizz and seals hair to protect against the environment and humidity. Also, there is zero oiliness and/or weight added to the hair. Salon quality blowouts are now possible at home thanks to this lovely gem.

Castor oil: I mix a little of this into my deep conditioner once a week or so and let me tell you, this stuff really strengthens the hair from the root. If you want to combat excessive hair shedding, dandruff, rebalance your scalp or stop breakage, castor oil is your new BFF. Why it’s my secret weapon? I used to have a problem with my scalp getting oily fast but the rest of my hair was extremely dry. Then I started using castor oil, and the oiliness and dryness evened out. So my scalp is now balanced and my hair feels relatively stronger from the root to the tip. P.s. if you want, you can brush castor oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows using a spooly brush to help them strengthen and grow.


Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation: I have tried so many drugstore foundations and none have worked out as well as this one. This is the ultimate foundation. Why it’s my secret weapon: not only does it match my skin tone perfectly, but it blends beautifully, lasts all day, and doesn’t look cakey or clumpy nor does it get patchy over the course of the day. I don’t know what Maybelline did, but they nailed it with this one. Truly a beautiful formula and an incredible shade range.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Do you have one yet? If you’re still into the Beauty Blender, you’ve got to try this sponge instead. Why it’s my secret weapon: It gives a beautiful finish by blending the products out in such a way that it creates an almost soft focus look (yes, really). It’s soft and bouncy but doesn’t soak up all your product like some other sponges tend to. Plus, the price point is very affordable and you can get a two pack which is an even better deal. Also, it can be used wet or dry depending on the finish you’re looking for. That’s pretty fantastic, right?

Avene Thermal Spring Water: Winter or Summer, this works wonders to freshen up the face before and even after makeup application. I spray this on after I’ve applied makeup and it takes away the powderiness and leaves the makeup looking vibrant and fresh. Why it’s my secret weapon: it has an incredible range of uses from being used as a post-workout cooldown to setting my makeup. This spray is great to keep around.

L’Oeal Color Riche Matte Addiction Lipstick in 636 Mahogany Studs: This formula is fantastic – it’s matte but not drying or cakey, it has a lot of pigment and it stays put for a lot longer than expected! The colour 636 is a beautiful shade that can be worn any time of the year and any time of the day, it’s simply a perfect daily trooper. Why it’s my secret weapon: the formula is creamy and hydrating yet it looks matte on the lips, plus the wear on this lipstick is pretty awesome. What more does one need from a lipstick?


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash: Now, I don’t have acne per se, but I do have occasional blemishes and some random hormonal pimples here and there. Now, I also have combination skin, meaning I have dry areas and oily areas on my face. So, it’s been very challenging to find something that works on all areas of my face without exasperating any issues. This cleanser, however, doesn’t over-dry my face but it does deeply clean my pores and it prevents future breakouts. Why it’s my secret weapon: Doesn’t dry out the dry areas of my face, but does work on the oily areas to fight blemishes and control oil. I love to use this every morning.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: A small bottle that packs a huge punch when it comes to fighting sebum production and blemishes, but it’s a very gentle solution that doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Why it’s my secret weapon: For a small price, you get phenomenal results that last. This serum works beautifully to combat any oiliness and breakouts but it’s also light enough to apply morning and night for optimal results.

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane: This is a naturally occurring product that is derived from plants (though it can be found in humans, too). This powerful hydrator works to re-hydrated parched skin without causing excessive oiliness or irritation. It is suitable for even the most sensitive and acne-prone skin. Why it’s my secret weapon: This powerhouse hydrator doesn’t only work wonders on the face, it can also be to body lotions and applied to the hair for added heat protection and strengthening effects.


Blistex Lip Medex: Still and forever will be one of the best treatments for dry, chapped, sore lips. A miracle weapon that restores lips to their natural suppleness in just a couple of applications. Why it’s my secret weapon: instead of a lip scrub, I apply this lip balm at night and when I go to wash my face in the morning, I take a damp washcloth and rub it along my lips and ta-da! All the dead skin just sloughs right off and I’m left with baby smooth lips. I don’t need any high-end products when I have this balm on hand – super effective and incredibly affordable.

SkinFix Lip Repair Balm (any flavour): This stuff is also awesome. It’s made of 40% coconut oil and it truly helps repair the lips, plus it is naturally flavoured so it tastes really nice (but there is a flavour-free balm option). Why it’s my secret weapon: this is great for throwing into your bag and applying when you feel your lips are getting dry or irritated by the environment (or spicy foods). It also is free of a bunch of bad ingredients and it’s cruelty-free.




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