September Is Coming

Hello, hello, chickpeas! It is still August and still summer – I know! However, it will be Septemeber before we know it. I am really going to miss summer, especially because where I live, fall means rain and dark grey skies all day. With that said, there is so much to be excited about when … More September Is Coming

#Dishingitout Episode 1: Food, Eating, Cooking, Sharing.

Hello! Happy Monday. It’s your host Lana Richmond, and today we’re going to be talking about why I love food and cooking so damn much. Before we begin: Do you have your mandatory Monday coffee in your hand? Good. Let’s get into it! People often ask me why I like to cook so much or … More #Dishingitout Episode 1: Food, Eating, Cooking, Sharing.

Hungry on a Budget

Hello, my beautiful chickpeas! I am a very hungry person. I definitely relate to the Hobbit way of life: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner, & Supper. To be fair, each of my meals is small-medium. Unfortunately, I can’t always stick to my Hobbit-esque eating schedule due to adulting *deep sigh*. That said, … More Hungry on a Budget

Retro Soul

I call myself a “retro soul” because calling myself an “old soul” sounds a little boring. Ever since I can remember, I’ve absolutely loved the 1950’s and 60’s. I sometimes joke with my friends that I was born at the wrong time! I love the fashion, the home decor, the way people spoke, the activities … More Retro Soul

Crispy Tofu Nuggets With Soy-Garlic-Ginger Sauce.

Who said you can’t spoil yourself with some fried nuggets if you’re a vegan or vegetarian?! You can, if they’re crispy, delicious, tofu nuggets. My favourite way to serve them is with reduced soy-garlic-ginger sauce. This recipe is easy-peasy lemon squeezy and so tasty. I like to eat these either on their own when I’m snacking, … More Crispy Tofu Nuggets With Soy-Garlic-Ginger Sauce.