On Food

“Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything.” – Julia Child Hi my dears! I love food…so much. I think that food can set the mood and food can also change your mood. Think about it – you’re inviting a date over, so you cook (or order) foods that will set the … More On Food

Unplugged in Mexico

Hi everyone! Over the last couple of months I have felt a dire need to disconnect from my daily routine: the emails, the studying, the constant background noise in my head of things that have to be done, always being busy (like a hamster in a spinning wheel), I just wanted to completely unplug from … More Unplugged in Mexico

April Showers

Hey guys, sorry for the crazy long absence! Trust me, I am just as displeased as you are. Life has been a little chaotic in recent months – things are winding down now, though. So that’s good…time for a break! April is, as always, rainy. While I may not really like rain, I have always … More April Showers

Top 3 To-Go Lunches

Hello, friends! I am a seasoned college student. This is not my first rodeo. Lunches were kind of tough to figure out. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. There is a science to packing the right lunch! I remember when I’d bring sandwiches and they would get soggy. Or I would bring hot food and the microwave … More Top 3 To-Go Lunches