Sweater Weather

Hello, chickpeas! Today I bring to you the Sweater Weather Tag. It has been around on YouTube for a few years, but for those of you who aren’t aware of what the Sweater Weather Tag is, let me explain: it’s a list of questions which ask about fall-themed favourites/preferences. I was not “tagged” by anyone … More Sweater Weather

September Is Coming

Hello, hello, chickpeas! It is still August and still summer – I know! However, it will be Septemeber before we know it. I am really going to miss summer, especially because where I live, fall means rain and dark grey skies all day. With that said, there is so much to be excited about when … More September Is Coming

Let Go of “Perfect”

You are never going to attain perfection. We keep searching for something called “perfect” in our jobs, in our homes, in our relationships, & in ourselves. This doesn’t exist. We are human, we are inherently flawed, and there is no reason to try to be perfect. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let go of this expectation you or … More Let Go of “Perfect”

See Clearly

Hi all! Welcome, welcome. I cut my hair! Sorry to just spring it on you. I quite like the haircut. I went to Great Clips, which is a basic hair salon that I never even thought of going to. Most of the elderly men and women in my area go there for their senior day … More See Clearly

5 Bargain Favorites

Hello everyone! As a full-time student with a part-time job trying to save money is essential. So, while I do splurge on certain things that are important to me, I like to save money where I can. I want to share some of these money-saving stores with you in this post. Book Depository: This site … More 5 Bargain Favorites

Quick update.

Hi everyone, hope you all have been doing well. Fist, I’d like to address the fact that I have been absent for a while…again. As you saw from my previous post, I got married! August and most of September (so far) have been just crazy busy. The wedding was at the end of August, so … More Quick update.

Crispy Tofu Nuggets With Soy-Garlic-Ginger Sauce.

Who said you can’t spoil yourself with some fried nuggets if you’re a vegan or vegetarian?! You can, if they’re crispy, delicious, tofu nuggets. My favourite way to serve them is with reduced soy-garlic-ginger sauce. This recipe is easy-peasy lemon squeezy and so tasty. I like to eat these either on their own when I’m snacking, … More Crispy Tofu Nuggets With Soy-Garlic-Ginger Sauce.