Building a Makeup Collection | For Beginners

Hello, chickpeas! Happy Saturday! Today’s post is inspired by my memories of when I first started wearing makeup and experimenting with different looks and products. I know this is something that can be hugely overwhelming for people who are just starting out because of the massive amount of brands and products and opinions that are … More Building a Makeup Collection | For Beginners

MORE Secret Weapons

Hello, chickpeas! I recently wrote a post about my secret weapons or holy grail products that I love and can’t/won’t stop using. Little did you know…that was only part one of my beauty secrets. Since you guys/gals enjoyed my previous post, I’ve decided to share the rest of my secret weapons with you today. So, … More MORE Secret Weapons

See Clearly

Hi all! Welcome, welcome. I cut my hair! Sorry to just spring it on you. I quite like the haircut. I went to Great Clips, which is a basic hair salon that I never even thought of going to. Most of the elderly men and women in my area go there for their senior day … More See Clearly