MORE Secret Weapons

Hello, chickpeas! I recently wrote a post about my secret weapons or holy grail products that I love and can’t/won’t stop using. Little did you know…that was only part one of my beauty secrets. Since you guys/gals enjoyed my previous post, I’ve decided to share the rest of my secret weapons with you today. So, … More MORE Secret Weapons

Minimalism | Skincare

Today, I’ll be talking about The Ordinary skincare brand by the parent company Deciem. This post is not sponsored (I wish!) and I purchased all of the products with my own money. First: where has this brand been all my life? Second: I have just placed my first order with them! Yay – can’t wait to receive … More Minimalism | Skincare

April Showers

Hey guys, sorry for the crazy long absence! Trust me, I am just as displeased as you are. Life has been a little chaotic in recent months – things are winding down now, though. So that’s good…time for a break! April is, as always, rainy. While I may not really like rain, I have always … More April Showers

Let’s Face It.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well this week. As you know, I have been embracing my naturally curly hair more and I have been treating my hair with masks and conditioners. All this made me think: what about my skin? My skin care routine hasn’t really changed for years. I still use … More Let’s Face It.